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About Packed Produce

Packed Produce Inc. provides Testa Produce with a range of hand packing services in right sized packages for our customers. Their services allow us to distribute repack-sized products to you. Packed is in line with Testa's sustainability initiatives and uses eco-friendly containers and packs to serve the environment and aspires to the make the lowest impact on the environment by partnering with like minded companies, like Testa! One fun fact? Packed Produce is located out of Testa's old warehouse on 15th and Blue Island Avenue!

Local Expansion Through Farm Logix

Testa Produce has recently partnered with FarmLogix, a local purchasing aggregate that helps smaller local farms sell their produce widespread throughout the foodservice distribution chain. This partnership gives Testa the ability to provide our customers with local produce from over 200 different farms. To learn more about the program you can visit their website at

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Packed provides Testa with all of our fresh processed produce needs!


Founder Linda Mallers participating at a school event to help bring healthy food options into schools.